BC7RC Annual Report
October 2016

The Bailey’s Crossroads Seven Corners Revitalization Corporation (BC7RC) is a nonprofit corporation comprised of members from a cross section of the community. BC7RC advocates for a smart and comprehensive revitalization program in the Bailey’s Crossroads and Seven Corners areas within Fairfax County, Virginia.
In the past year, BC7RC has focused on reviewing development projects that revitalize the area; beautification; preventing panhandling in Seven Corners; revamping its website; and strengthening the organization itself through a strategic planning initiative.

The extensive strategic planning initiative included reconsidering the organization’s mission, financials, bylaws, membership, meetings, outreach and events. With the support of Supervisor Gross and the Office of Community Revitalization, Artemel & Associates led a strategic planning session and developed a roadmap that addressed organizational / administrative issues as well as a plan for growth. At this time, the Board is revising the bylaws and expanding outreach as well as preparing for Board elections in November 2016.

Development projects brought to BC7RC included an e-loft “live / work” concept for 5600 Columbia Pike, Falls Church.

The Board was eager for development in Bailey’s Crossroads though did not support the plan to temporarily relocate the Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter to the First Christian Church in the Seven Corners area. BC7RC recommended to the Board of Supervisors regarding its position that a more appropriate location should be identified.
The primary beautification initiatives were 1) the 2016 Willston / Seven Corners Beautification Day, held on April 23, 2) support for the Culmore Cleanup, held that same day, and 3) establishment of a beautification award program.

For the Willston / Seven Corners Beautification Day, BC7RC partnered with the Willston Multicultural Center (WMC) for the third time. The program included a litter cleanup of Seven Corners, a cleaning of the WMC facility where an afterschool program is held; and program at the WMC which highlighted caring for the environment and included planting a garden and painting and installing a rain barrel at the Center.

BC7RC established a beautification award in the spring of 2016. The Bank of America at Seven Corners, and Dogfish Head Alehouse in the Seven Corners shopping center, were recipients because of their attractive landscaping. Certificates were presented in June, and BC7RC presented the awards at its October meeting.

BC7RC continued its work with VDOT and the county, including the Department of Code Compliance, to eliminate illegal signage in the area, thus improving safety, aesthetics, and the area’s image. BC7RC renewed its Adopt-a-Highway permit, which was granted in 2012.

BC7RC advocated for an end to the persistent panhandling at the Seven Corners intersection because of safety issues as well as the effects on local businesses, traffic, and landscaping, and litter. BC7RC requested a strengthening in County regulations. BC7RC coordinated with the Mason District Police to understand the issues they face and engaged Supervisor Gross and Delegate Kory to address panhandling.

As of October 17, 2016, BC7RC had $22,011.88 in total assets.

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